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Light Therapy for Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy is proven to relieve pain from the inside out, penetrating the body’s tissues to optimize the cellular performance.

The CDC has estimated that 20% of Americans are struggling with chronic pain on a near daily basis. The body produces less inflammation, and pain is drastically reduced.

Studies report positive findings regarding the application of red light therapy for osteoarthritis, joint pain, and morning stiffness. It’s been shown to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, and help prevent cardiovascular disease. The treatment has gained popularity in the sporting world as a major ingredient for athletic recovery. Muscle repair, performance enhancement, and endurance improvement — the list is long and growing.

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Burn up to 600 Calories, Effortlessly with the Infrared Fat Burning Sauna Quilt™

$ 249.94 USD  $ 460.00 USD

Infrared Light Therapy WonderLamp™
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Infrared Light Therapy WonderLamp™

$ 99.95 USD  $ 120.00 USD

Infrared Pain Zapper Plus™
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Infrared Pain Zapper Plus™

$ 99.95 USD  $ 124.99 USD

Pink Champagne Infrared Skin Revival Wand™
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Diamond Skin™ Infrared Skin Revitalization Wand

$ 99.94 USD  $ 159.99 USD

Laser Cardio Health Watch
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Supercharge Your Heart Health With Laser Therapy Health Hub™

$ 99.94 USD  $ 199.99 USD

Lescolton™ Body Sculpting Light Therapy Spa
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Lescolton™ Body Sculpting Light Therapy Spa

$ 595.00 USD  $ 719.99 USD

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