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Light Therapy for Wellness

It’s the reason people step outside in the middle of a busy work day, or roll over on cold winter morning and flip on their bedside blue lights. Everyone’s familiar with the power of light. UV light and blue light are part of the ‘bioactive’ spectrum of light, meaning they’re able to penetrate the body at different depths and affect cellular activity. UV light promotes the production of vitamin D, and blue light plays a big role in improving quality of sleep.

More and more evidence is illuminating the power of red and near-infrared light to improve the ways the body makes energy. Red light has the ability to penetrate the depths of the skin and promote efficient activity in the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. The light exerts a temporary stress on the cells, the same effect people are aiming for when they exercise. The stress creates an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant response, and the cells get stronger. When energy is more efficiently produced, it’s more available to be transported and used where the body needs it most.

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Reclaim Your Right to Great Hair With The Latest in Hair Regrowth Tech

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Portable Sunshine™ 12,000 Lux LED Therapy Lamp
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Portable Sunshine™ 12,000 Lux LED Therapy Lamp

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Infrared Pain Zapper Plus™
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Infrared Pain Zapper Plus™

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Laser Cardio Health Watch
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Supercharge Your Heart Health With Laser Therapy Health Hub™

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