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Light Therapy For Boosting Mood

Typically in winter, many of us will experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a type of depression which usually affects us in the darker months.

A sun lamp could help alleviate symptoms of the disorder, which include low mood, feelings of despair and lack of energy.

Even people who do not suffer from SAD have found that light therapy improves their mood and energy considerably.  Sun lamps come in various designs for you to place in your home, such as bedside table-style lamps or boxes you can place on your home-working desk.

The lights can also be used beyond winter. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we're all in need of a pick-me-up, whatever the season, and a SAD light could help bring you brighter days in the months to come.

A sun lamp, light or light box uses light therapy to help improve your mood. They produce light at the same frequency as natural sunlight to recreate the morning shine that you miss during the winter months.

The light produced is measured in lux and a good SAD lamp will offer a brightness of around 10,000 lux.

It's believed that sun lamps encourage your brain to produce less melatonin, which makes you sleepy, while increasing the production of serotonin, which affects your mood.

LED EyeCare Pro™ Rejuvenation System

LED EyeCare Pro™ Younger Eyes System


Portable Sunshine™ 12,000 Lux LED Therapy Lamp

Portable Sunshine™ 12,000 Lux LED Therapy Lamp


Burn up to 600 Calories, Effortlessly with the Infrared Fat Burning Sauna Quilt™


Infrared Light Therapy WonderLamp™

Infrared Light Therapy WonderLamp™


MZ Skin Revival Premium 5-Color Light Therapy Mask

Gold Skin Revival Premium 5-Color Light Therapy Mask


The Governess™ - Near-Infrared Premium Light Therapy Mask

The Venus™ Light Therapy Mask... The Future of Your Face is Here


Happy Light™ 10,000 Lux Rechargeable USB Natural Sunlight Lamp

Happy Light™ Mood Enhancing Natural Light Lamp


Clearskin LED Acne Control Wireless™

Flawless Skin LED Acne Control Wand™


Pink Champagne Infrared Skin Revival Wand™

Diamond Skin™ Infrared Skin Revitalization Wand


Laser Cardio Health Watch

Supercharge Your Heart Health With Laser Therapy Health Hub™


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